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Greyhounds and Sighthounds: Greyhounds and other sighthounds have acquired anatomical, physiological, and clinicopathologic idiosyncracies while evolving into sporting breeds, and are hence, quite different form other dogs. If you are a sighthound owner, adopter, breeder, or trainer, we will be glad to provide consultation via e-mail

Dr. Couto has worked with Greyhounds and other sighthounds for over two decades, since adopting Clyde, his first hound, from the Wheeling racetrack. He has spent most of his free time working on Greyhounds, Galgos, and other sighthounds. His areas of interste are primarily blood disorders, bleeding and clotting excessively, cancer, and exrecise physiology. In collaboration with various groups, Dr. Couto has published over 30 scientific papers on Greyhound, Galgo, and Deerhound medicine. 

Dr. Couto founded the Four Legs For Hounds (4L4H) while at OSU to repair career ending injuries at the Wheeling, and then Charleston racetracks. After the injuries are surgically repaired, the hounds are adopted, and oftentimes become blood donors. The GHI is currently planning on continuing this program outside of OSU. Amhurst is depicted with his trainers, and his "savior" Dr. Jonathan Dyce, who repaired his tarsal fracture and avulsion. Amhurst was adopted by a then veterinary student, and became a proud blood donor.

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